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June 25, 2013 · The Denver Beer Guy

Have you ever been out to a restaurant and thought, “This food is amazing! I wonder where they get it from?” Well, I’m sure you know that for the most part, it’s from a food distributor, who gets it from a farm most likely. And unless you’re willing to drive out to wherever that specific farm is, the only place to get some of those quality ingredients is at a restaurant. Even Whole Foods doesn’t have some of those quality meats and veggies found at your favorite restaurant. That is until now.

Horizon Foods out in Golden has got you covered. Want only organic and natural beef, pork, and poultry? They’ve got it. Want flash-frozen-on-the-boat seafood? They’ve got it. Want bright and colorful organic vegetables from some of the county’s best farms? They’ve got that too. Want the same beef that Cherry Cricket uses for their burgers, or the same exact steaks that get seared at Elway’s? For a fraction of the cost? Yep, they’ve got those too.

And better yet? They’ll even deliver it to you! If you’re foodies like us who only want the best of the best, Horizon Foods is the perfect answer.

I recently got my hands on an exquisite porterhouse steak from Horizon Foods. Yes, the same exact steak that costs me $49 when I go to Elway’s in Cherry Creek. While I may have used less butter and don’t quite have the master cooking skills of their chefs and cooks, I’d like to think that I handled my own taming this monster of a steak. Hot pan, little bit of butter, salt, pepper. Turn once. Let it rest after you cook it. THAT’S IT PEOPLE!

Courtesy of the Denver Beer Guy