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Kids and parents rejoice!

If you’re a parent, you know that getting finicky kids to eat can be sometimes difficult. So, what are parents to do? Simple! Shop at Horizon Foods West! You’ll not only find healthy and nutritious products, but foods that your kids will absolutely love.

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Angus Beef. Beef Tender Tips Beef Tenderloin Kabob with Peppers and Onion 8 oz Free Range All Natural Antibiotic Free Chicken Fingers cut from the breast. Trimmed and ready for your favorite recipe.
Beef Tender Tips
Price Per Box $140.00
All Natural Angus Beef Tender Tips sliced for stir-fry, stew meat or use as a portion control steak option. These are trimmed from Beef Tenderloin. Dry Aged 28 Days.  Comes in 1 lb packages with 8 lbs per box. All Natural Angus Beef 8 oz Tenderloin skewered with peppers and onions to make the perfect BBQ simple and quick.  Just defrost and place on grill. 12 Kabobs per box. Free Range All Natural Antibiotic Free  Breaded Chicken Fingers cut from the breast.  Trimmed and ready for your favorite recipe.  6 lbs per box.
Gluten Free Chicken Fingers Free Range Fajita Style Chicken Strips Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings
Gluten Free Chicken Fingers
Price Per Box $109.00
BBQ Chicken Wings
Price Per Box $59.00
Chicken Fingers are a mainstay of any home with children. A healthy chicken finger offers a guilt free, quick meal on the go, that is easy to prepare and loved by the family. The challenge for families who must maintain a gluten free menu is where to find that perfect finger? We have it! Give us a try!(5 Lbs) Free Range  Fajita Style Chicken Strips Grilled and ready to use in a salad or your favorite recipe.  Available in 5 lbs per box. Antibiotic Free. Free Range. Oven Ready. Mixed Drumette and Wingettes in a traditionall BBQ Sauce.  5 lbs per box.
Chicken Cordon Bleu 7.5oz Gourmet Chicken Pot Pie Kobe Beef Hot Dogs
Chicken Cordon Bleu 7.5oz
Price Per Box $119.00
Gourmet Chicken Pot Pie
Price Per Box $111.00
Kobe Beef Hot Dogs
Price Per Box $99.00
This delectable combination of savory ham and mellow Swiss cheese stuffed in a lightly breaded, boneless chicken breast is a traditional favorite among our customers! They're so easy to fix! 10-7.5oz pieces per box. A comfort food classic.  Our chicken pot pies are loaded with large meaty chunks of completely trimmed chicken, carrots, and peas in a deliciously seasoned gravy then covered with a flaky pastry crust.  A mouthwatering meal in minutes.  Hot and bubbly straight from the oven, just like grandma used to make!  12 individually wrapped pies per box. Our Kobe Beef Hot Dogs are made with 100% Wagyu Beef.  They are delicous and juicy with a bite that brings you back for more.  4 packages with 6 hot dogs per package in each box.